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ATL manages, orchestrates, and secures the critical services that enable the businesses to focus on business. We tailor our solutions, collaboration, security, and network management platforms to meet the unique needs of our customers.


Scope: New School Build Out

Property: 76,000 sqft
Time Line: 4 months
Summary: Create a new infrastructure from scratch

Scope: 180 Guest Room / Fiber, CCTV, WIFI and Voice

Property: 235,000 sqft
Time Line: 18 Months during Covid
Summary: Refresh and updated all communication cables


Scope: 90 Individuals SBM Business

Property: 135000 sqft
Time Line: 4 months
Summary: Installed a new fiber backbone for voice,data,wifi,cctv and access control

Scope: New Voice / Date Infrastructure

Property: 1M sqft
Time Line: 16 m
Summary: Create and build a new fiber backbone from scratch

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